Grill Restoration

Orange County

We are your trusted partner, if you are looking to restore your old BBQ into a new one.

The Clean Grills of Orange County team is equipped with all the basic tools and an assortment of assemblies tailored to a wide range of materials and compositions made from BBQ. We conduct professional techniques to ensure accurate restoration.  

A mat protects the immediate floor area around the machine, and the appropriate cleanser is separated. The selected degreaser is applied for 20-30 minutes to do something wonderful, and at that time, everything used on food, carbon stores and oil is cleaned. All removable parts – grates, barbecue, flavorizer bar – are brushed and cleaned independently. The closet, base plate and trickle plate are degraded and well filtered.


Benefits of Barbecue restoration services

  • Spotless BBQ grill as a result
  • Great tasting grilled food
  • Prevention of pest intruders
  • No more risks of cross-contamination
  • Reducing smoke and fire hazards
  • Less chance of rust build-up
  • Extending the life of your grill

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The BBQ inside around the range hood-like burners is cleaned with an extra, degreased and wire brush.

The end includes thorough washing, cleaning and polishing of the equipment surrounding Orange County. Inside the BBQ, the machine is sprayed with unique oil at that time so as not to rust. All removed parts are set back.

Experts check the BBQ towards the end of the administration to see if it is working properly.

See the difference!

You can see the difference in our work with the above images. We helped hundreds of clients to restore their old, worn BBQ into a brand new one.

Why should you choose Clean Grills of Orange County?

When a professional technician visits the site, they will first inspect the oven or BBQ. Make sure it is working properly. Then place a protective sheet underneath, making sure your floor and surrounding area are protected.

After that, it will disassemble all the parts with removable parts – racks and trays. Soak them in a tank with a strong solution that dissolves burnt grease and dirt. It kills all insects and bacteria. The interior will be cleaned manually. 

If the grill element can be pulled down, the technician will also clean the oven’s roof. Once everything is properly cleaned, it will put all the parts back together.

The outside of the oven, as well as all the knobs, will be cleaned and polished. The technician will finally test the oven to see if it is working properly. You will be able to use it immediately after the service.

Barbeque Grill Restoration Cost

What sorts of BBQ Grills do you restore?

No matter what your BBQ grill type, brand and size, we are here to restore every maker and save your cost of buying a new one.

The professionals we work with can restore the entire BBQ and are also able to restore a few parts of your BBQ. 

How do you restore old BBQ?

We should bring up here that you can rely on us to have your old BBQ and wiped all around, by enrolling our particular BBQ restoration and specifying assembly guidelines.

Restoration of all makes and models



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